data Artisans raises a Series A

Today, we are very happy to announce that data Artisans has raised a 5.5 million euro Series A financing round led by Intel Capital, with participation from Tengelmann Ventures and our existing Seed investor b-to-v Partners.

We founded data Artisans in August 2014, when we saw a need for an open source platform for efficient, yet user-friendly analytics on massive streams of data. Back then, Apache Flink™ was just starting out as an Apache Incubator project and we set out to achieve a simple goal: build the best open source stream processor together with the open source community, and make Flink known in the wider Big Data community. Today, Flink has a developer community of over 160 contributors, an impressive set of large-scale users, with many more coming up, and is one of the most active open source projects in its category.

It is our firm belief that in the future, the majority of data applications, including real-time analytics, continuous analytics, and historical data processing, will treat data as what it really is: unbounded streams of events. We will continue to implement this vision by hardening Flink together with the open source community and our partners. We are actively working on adding a SQL interface, the ability to scale Flink applications dynamically, the ability to maintain and checkpoint applications with huge state, better security and monitoring, connectors to message queues and databases, as well as the ability to query the state in Flink programs. We will also use the new financing to build up better support for production Flink users, better support for the community by, for example, continuing and growing the Flink Forward conference series, and build products that significantly ease the burden of developing data streaming applications, from inception to production.

At this point, it is also worth reiterating that we are 100% committed to open source and open community. data Artisans is, really, a company that came out of the Flink community itself, and we believe that the best future infrastructure software will be developed by open source communities. We are proud to be good citizens of the Apache Flink™ community, and we are looking forward to continue developing the project in the open source.

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