Flink Forward San Francisco Preview (part 2 of 6): Keynotes

In 4 weeks Flink Forward San Francisco will bring together hundreds of developers, DevOps engineers, data scientists, Apache Flink core committers, experts, and users to share their Apache Flink experiences. If you haven’t registered to attend, sign up soon to save your spot.

Today, we’ll share with you a preview of the conference keynotes.

Stephan Ewen, CTO and co-founder at data Artisans, will open the conference on April 10 with a keynote session “What turns a stream processing from a tool into a platform?”. He will discuss what goes into building a stream processing platform that integrates data analytics, data ingestion, SQL, Machine Learning, data provenance, databases, and other aspects of a data-driven infrastructure in a meaningful way.

Anand Iyer, Product Manager at Google Cloud Platform, will present how the integration of Apache Flink + Apache Beam will open up Stream Processing to Python and Go programmers, and allow running production TensorFlow pipelines with sophisticated pre- and post-processing at scale.

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